Ryan Reynolds saved his nephew’s life and is a real-life superhero :O

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And we aren’t even slightly surprised.


Ryan Reynolds has (finally) evolved into a REAL-LIFE SUPERHERO and we really, honestly, knew it all along.

It turns out Ryan Reynolds is SO MUCH MORE than just an Oscar nominated actor with his own Hollywood Walk of Fame, a heartthrob with a great sense of humour and ½ of the most #couplegoals marriage in the whole of Hollywood…

He's an actual, certified, LIFESAVER!!

Ry took to Instagram to highlight the importance of CPR and first aid classes, especially for parents with young children when he revealed that HE ONLY WENT AND SAVED HIS NEPHEW'S LIFE?!!

He and Gossip Girl actress (and all round superstar) Blake Lively have two children together, only welcoming their youngest daughter Ines last September and Blake posted a photo with a similar caption about the classes.

Because what else would two superstars being doing with their time off besides learning to save the lives of young'uns?

He's been killing his role as Deadpool (for which he was Oscar nominated) but he is now fully entitled to wear the costume full time… BECAUSE WHAT A HERO.

His post had a serious side to it, although he couldn't resist sneaking in at least one joke, which is much more in keeping with his usual entertaining online presence.

The Proposal star regularly treats his five million Twitter followers to a brutally honest and hilarious insight to life as a Dad (an incredibly rich and famous dad, but still a dad) and he has gained a very large audience.

And strangely enough, less than a week ago he tweeted this:

Which now has us thinking, maybe he's psychic too?

If it's going to be anybody, it's going to be him.


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