Rylan Clark is going on Celebrity MasterChef!

We can't wait to see Rylan in a chef outfit

Rylan Clark

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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This is the most exciting MasterChef development of all time (well, since the buttery biscuit base video, anyway. Nothing beats that video).

We can’t work out if Rylan is going to be an awful cook or a really good one, which would be brilliant – but if he’s going on MasterChef he can’t be that bad at all. They don’t let amateurs on, after all – even when it’s the celeb version of the show.

Rylan tweeted:

Excellent! We’re now imagining Rylan looking dapper in an extra-skinny fit chef uniform. Suits you, babe.

The line up for the new series will also include Sarah Harding, Keith Chegwin, Tom Parker from The Wanted, Mica Paris and Yvette Fielding.

Executive producers Karen Ross and David Ambler said: “This year's Celebrity MasterChef sees more catastrophes, competitiveness, disasters and edge of seat moments than we have ever come across before.

“Marry that with some of the most delightful, determined and inspired cooks producing some truly amazing food and we have a competition that is really fitting for our tenth anniversary!”

Well, this story is about food, so


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