The X Factor’s Rylan Clark-Neal: ‘Simon Cowell made my willy go up inside’

Yep, really.

Rylan Clark-Neal LS

by Emma Dodds |
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We bloody love Rylan Clark-Neal.

Us and everyone else, we know.

And now that he'll be on our screens every Saturday and Sunday presenting The Xtra Factor with Matt Edmondson, we are seriously wondering if life can get any better.

heat met up with Rylan and Matt to discuss all things The X Factor – and Rylan was on top form.

"I saw Simon at six-chair challenge, it was my first day on the job, and he came up to me, shook my hand and said, 'Welcome home' and my willy went up inside."

Give us a minute while we try and remove that mental picture from our brains.

The unlikely pair also told us how they'd gotten to know each other better, with Matt saying: "I love Rylan, he's been on my radio show a lot.

"Although last time he came on, he did generate a complaint because he spoke about his lactating nipples."

Of course. What else would he talk about?

Matt Edmondson

Rylan doesn't seem fazed by the idea of complaints, mind: "I keep Ofcom in business. They are going to be so pleased with the extra work."

He also summed up Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh's relationship in a way we'd never have thought of: "It's like Lassie had a mate, then that mate died.

"Then four years later, Lassie is at Wembley and the mate dog comes back and they're licking each other. That's the only way to describe it."

Really? The ONLY way to describe it?

Ry also seemed genuinely excited about being reunited with Nicole Scherzinger. The pair hit it off when Nicole mentored Rylan on The X Factor back in 2012, and have remained good friends – even going out together.

"I don't go out anymore. But with Nicole, I find myself suddenly like Rylan on The X Factor again. I feel naughty around Nicole and she'll only have to say something and I'm like a dog, I'll bite.

"If she was to say, 'let’s have a drink' and I know I’ve got to be up the next morning, I'll have one… I think she’ll bring out the old Rylan, you might see me falling out of hotels naked."

As if there wasn't enough dramz on The X Factor already.

We can hardly wait.


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