Rylan Clark has a REALLY good plan to deal with CBB rule-breakers

"Kick them the f*k out."

Rylan Clark

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Celebrity Big Brother has been pretty entertaining over the years. From Nikki Grahame's "Who is she? Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?" to Gemma Collins' "My hair is f*cking frazzled," we sure have lolled along to it.

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But as well as the laughs we've seen a lot of rule-breakers – contestants discussing nominations, celebs attempting to break out of the house and housemates turning off their microphones for private chats with their mates.

And usually Big Brother punishes the housemates by turning off the hot water, electricity or removing their food.

Bit harsh?

Celebrity Big Brother
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But Rylan Clark who presents Bit On The Side thinks that Celebrity Big Brother need to get tougher with their punishments. Tougher than no hot water or electricity? HOW WILL THEY SURVIVE?

Poor Gemma couldn't cope during the last series when they cut off the hot water in the house; she ended up removing her microphone, hiding from the cameras and "not performing for the show".

The previous Celebrity Big Brother winner told The Sun if people start to break the rules, "I will be the first one to say, 'Kick them the f*ck out'".

"They are all being paid a lot of f*cking money to be in that house."

Even though Rylan thinks no-one is bigger than Big Brother, we do think the show would be a little boring if they started kicking out the rule breakers.

During the last Celebrity Big Brother series, all of the housemates (minus Stephanie Davis) broke the rules when they discussed nominations, so that would have been an eventful series.

The presenter also added that even though Big Brother is hard on the housemates, they are not out on the front lines, "let's be honest, it's sitting in a house for four weeks playing games".

Rylan Clark CBB
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Well it's four weeks of entertainment for us, so we don't mind their small punishments.

We are MEGA excited to see all the housematestonight, although one housemate is already out of the show.


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