It’s day one of heat’s 101 Hottest Hunks time! Vote for your favourite sexy, sexy men!

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Zac Efron

by Anna Lewis |
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Every day this week till Friday we’ll present you with thirty different hunky male celebrities. There’ll be 120 in total over the week. Browse our galleries every day and click on anyone you fancy. Even if you fancy all of them, we won’t judge you.


Itu2019s day one of heatu2019s 101 Hottest Hunks time! Vote for your favourite sexy, sexy men!

Andy Brown1 of 29

Andy Brown

Benedict Cumberbatch2 of 29

Benedict Cumberbatch

Daniel Craig3 of 29

Daniel Craig

Bradley Cooper4 of 29

Bradley Cooper

Danny Dyer5 of 29

Danny Dyer

Douglas Booth6 of 29

Douglas Booth

David Beckham7 of 29

David Beckham

Drake8 of 29


Gary Barlow9 of 29

Gary Barlow

George Clooney10 of 29

George Clooney

Henry Cavill11 of 29

Henry Cavill

Gerard Butler12 of 29

Gerard Butler

Idris Elba13 of 29

Idris Elba

James Arthur14 of 29

James Arthur

James Corden15 of 29

James Corden

Javier Bardem16 of 29

Javier Bardem

Jamie Dornan17 of 29

Jamie Dornan

Johnny Depp18 of 29

Johnny Depp

Joey Essex19 of 29

Joey Essex

Justin Bieber20 of 29

Justin Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio21 of 29

Leonardo DiCaprio

Orlando Bloom22 of 29

Orlando Bloom

Matt Damon23 of 29

Matt Damon

Sam Clafin24 of 29

Sam Clafin

Russell Brand25 of 29

Russell Brand

Tom Daley26 of 29

Tom Daley

Scott Disick27 of 29

Scott Disick

Tyger Drew Honey28 of 29

Tyger Drew Honey

Zac Efron29 of 29

Zac Efron

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