Here’s Lydia Bright and James ‘Arg’ Argent ON A DATE in Marbella

Arg and Lydia sitting in a tree… Well, a bar


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Arg and Lydia in Marbella

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The seemingly impossible has happened. Here’s TOWIE's Lydia Bright and James ‘Arg’ Argent on a date!

While Arg has been open in the past about his desire to reconcile with Lydia we never ever thought that Lydia would want to go out with James again. And yet here they are in a restaurant in Marbella. ON A DATE! The awkward body language, the goofy laughter, the fact that they’re both dressed up, and that there are no other TOWIE cast members present. There’s no way this is anything other than a date.

After their acrimonious split at the start of 2012 Lydia opened up about the difficulties in their relationship. “Being with Arg was killing me. He was suffocating me and holding me back. He was insecure. He felt like he’d won the lottery when he got with me because girls didn’t really talk to him before we met,” Lydia explained during an interview in the first few weeks after the break up. “He could be so jealous and, in the end, it killed me. We lost our spark. We were constantly arguing - we’d either be shouting at each other, or not talking,” she added.

The big question now is, are Lydia and Arg planning on rekindling their relationship after so much time apart, or are they simply working on being friends again? We’ll find out when The Only Way Is Marbs begins again on ITV2 later this summer.

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