Sam Cameron tops Taylor Swift in Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List 2015

Well that’s an interesting development…

Sam Cameron

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Vanity Fair just released the 2015 edition of the International Best-Dressed List, and in a surprising turn of events, the PM’s wife Samantha Cameron has come out on top.

It seems Sam’s ‘conservative charm’ has won over the fashionistas, as she beat familiar fashion icons such a Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and Amal Clooney.


Sam’s most notable outfit of the year was a blue Preen dress she wore to Buckingham palace. Fancy.

We’ll admit, we’ve never thought of the political figure being a fashion icon before, but we guess she has had a few good looks over the year. We’re drawing the line at Sam and Cam for best-dressed couple, though.

Tay-Tay* *was awarded 2nd place, and was praised for her ‘prep power’ style, (we’re loving the alliteration, btw Vanity Fair.) Another one of our favourite singers to make the top 10 was RiRi, who was labelled ‘sultry swagger’ (and again) and 6th place. Her favourite designers were listed as Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Marchesa, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney.

The magazine has been publishing its International Best-Dressed List since it’s inception in 1940, and in the fashion world, it’s kind of a big deal.

We hope Sam’s enjoying her new-found glory!

Taylor Swift before the stylist


Taylor Swift before the stylist

Country Music Awards, 20061 of 10

Country Music Awards, 2006

Whoever said hanky hems and cowboy boots were a hot combo needs taking to one side.

Awards, 20072 of 10

Awards, 2007

Taylor rocking a simple, understated gown. Naaaaaaaaht.

Red carpet event, 20083 of 10

Red carpet event, 2008

WATCH OUT! Taylor's norks are dangerous weapons. They'll have your eye out.

Out and about, 20084 of 10

Out and about, 2008

Swifty's look in a nutshell > One part Avril Lavigne with a splash of student traveller and a hit of country-dwelling mum.

Benefit dinner, 20085 of 10

Benefit dinner, 2008

Gok Wan and his love of a wide belt have a lot to answer for.

Met Gala, 20086 of 10

Met Gala, 2008

Someone wishes they were a golden mermaid...

CMT Awards, 20087 of 10

CMT Awards, 2008

Matchy matchy isn't always a good thing. Case in point > Tay-Swizzle's purple pair.

Grammy Awards, 20088 of 10

Grammy Awards, 2008

Taylor's skirt looks like it has weird purple ivy all over it and that corset created a strange mono-boob.

CMT Awards, 20079 of 10

CMT Awards, 2007

Did somebody get a Belle from Beauty & the Beast costume for Crimbo?

Casual in 200910 of 10

Casual in 2009

The shirt and jeans are totally fine but when teamed with that cheap belt, yuk bag and glitzy gran shoes > VOM.

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