Sam Faiers posts naked cuddling snap of her and Joey Essex, because they’re still definitely together

The couple put on a united front as they snuggle up together in bed


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Listen, we know how much you guys worry when you haven’t heard much about your fave reality TV couple for a few weeks. We know you fret. That’s why we periodically remind you that they’re doing OK, they’re doing just fine, they’re definitely not struggling without the lifegiving oxygen of daily news stories.

And so to TOWIE’s premiere lovebirds Sam Faiers and Joey Essex, who are still very much in love even though you don’t hear about them anymore. Look, to prove it, here’s a naked couple cuddle shot posted by Sam to

Because what could be more romantic when you’re having a snuggle than the sudden presence of a front-facing camera phone?

“Night time cuddles.. □ my fav xx,” Sam captioned the shot.

There’s something ever so slightly post-coital about it, isn’t there? Bit intimate, isn’t it? Bit like walking into the living room back home and seeing your teenage brother guiltily and flusteredly leaping away from his red-faced girlfriend, isn’t it?

Anyway, looks like all the issues that caused them to break up last year have disappeared, because Joey’s going to be in this weekend’s Fabulous magazine talking about how happy he is.

“When you’re playing out a relationship on TV, you’re in each other’s faces all the time,” he tells the mag.

“Now it’s a normal relationship and it’s a lot more healthy. We’re a lot happier, 100 per cent.”

They might even end up moving in together, Mark Wright ‘n’ Michelle Keegan style, as Joey added: “When I first bought my flat I’d just joined TOWIE, so I’m ready to move into a house, and if I get one maybe we’ll decide to take things a bit further.”

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