Sam Faiers thinks her ex-fiance Joey Essex hates her!

Sam has a new book out and she’s not sure Joey will even read it.

by Maria Vallahis |
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Sam Faiers has revealed all the dirt about the highs and low of her on/off relationship with Joey Essex in her new memoir S_ecrets and Lies: The truth behind the headlines_.

Now the former The Only Way Is Essex star has confessed she thinks Joey and all his “circle” hate her for revealing the personal details about their time spent together.


When she was asked if she was nervous about what Joey would think of her second book, she said: "Not really. It's not nice reading about yourself, but I'm entitled to my say. He won't read the book, no one in his circle will.

“They probably all hate me and will think it's an attack against him, but it's not. I'm just honest."

Sam's second memoir.
Sam's second memoir.

The 24-year-old admits she knew they weren't right for one another at the time but found it hard to let go.

"We did really love each other, but we were under so much pressure to be this perfect couple that, when we argued, it would spiral out of control. We tried to save something that wasn't there anymore. We knew we had to call it a day," explained Sam.

She also confessed their on-screen break-up while on holiday in Marbella - after he accused her of cheating on him – was the lowest point in their relationship.

Sam with her current beau, Paul Day.

Sam is currently dating property developer Paul Day.

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