Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry drop yet another hint they’re expecting a baby

Is there a Geordie Shore baby on the way? 🍼

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Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry got us ridiculously excited over the weekend after revealing on Instagram that they had some 'big news' - something many people took to mean Chloe is pregnant.

In addition, Sam uploaded a picture in which Chloe was seen touching her stomach, captioned: "Can’t describe how buzzing I am with the news we’ve had today !!! Can’t wait to show use all soon ❤️"

Fans immediately started commenting theories, writing things like: "You expecting a little nugget?" and "Bun in the oven?".

And now they've seemingly dropped yet another hint she's expecting - as Sam was pictured rubbing her tummy on a day out.

They were spotted house hunting in Newcastle, and Sam was seen touching her stomach in pictures obtained by the Mail Online. So watch this space.

Chloe and Sam got together when he joined the cast of Geordie Shore for series 16, and seem to be pretty darn smitten.

They recently unveiled matching tattoos in honour of each other, and Sam posted a pic of them in the bath showing off the inkings with the caption: “2 words speak a thousand memories”.

Chloe’s tattoo is on her wrist, while Sam’s is on his neck.

In related news - Chloe recently posted a FULLY NAKED video of Sam Gowland in the shower. See more here...

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geordie shore sex - slider

4.    Marnie offers all to Anna1 of 7

4. Marnie offers all to Anna

Talk about mentioning the unmentionable. Marnie has no qualms when it comes to approaching her boss with the request to 'suck ya tits'. By the look on Anna's face, she's not quite sure how to take that comment. AWKWARD. Don't think our Marnie will be getting that promotion any time soon.

Holly Hagan2 of 7

11. Nurse Holly gives James a blowjob to take his mind off his broken leg

Holly knows how to take care of her patients and was doing her bit to help James feel better. She gets mouthy with James and gives him a blowjob to ease his 'pain'. Nurse Holly to the rescue being a friend with really good benefits.

Charlotte Crosby7.    Marnie offers her assistance as Charlotte uses a Clone-A-Pussy’ kit for her boyfriend, Mitch3 of 7
CREDIT: Instagram

7. Marnie offers her assistance as Charlotte uses a Clone-A-Pussy’ kit for her boyfriend, Mitch

Charlotte decides to use a 'Clone-A-Pussy' kit and after mixing the mold together, she gets Marnie to get the mold into the right shape. While most of us women would count going to the toilet together on a night out as bonding, Marnie is sure that helping to take a mold of Charlotte's 'fairy' will bring them closer together. But, Charlotte who is one for her words coined it as a "weird kind of experience."

Scotty T fingerblasts Chloe Ferry4 of 7

Scotty T fingerblasts Chloe Ferry

Out of nowhere Chloe decides to try it on with Scotty T whilst he's munching on a packet of crisps. No agg-attached sex is pinky-promised from Chloe as they move to the bed. Girl's just wanna have fun, right?

Geordie Shore taxi orgy5 of 7

Geordie Shore taxi orgy

The group head home, but being the drunken messes that they are, decide to heat things up with a bit of forbidden action in the taxi. Legs are flying in the air, McDonald's are being munched on and Marnie and Scotty T end up kissing passionately in front of the Geordie gang. Aaron is already at home but finds out through Vicky and leaves before it all kicks off. Can this lot go a night without a bit of drama? We think not.

9.    Gary interrupts Scotty Tu2019s threesome6 of 7

9. Gary interrupts Scotty T’s threesome

Scotty T thought he was in for a night riding the waves on the water bed with two lasses, but instead is summoned out of his bed to speak with Gaz. I don't know what is funnier, Gaz interrupting a threesome for a DMC or Scotty T's impeccably inventive metaphors.

10.    Holly and Kyle break the bed7 of 7

10. Holly and Kyle break the bed

As Holly so candidly puts it: "If the caravan's a rockin', don't come a knockin.'"Poor Nathan, having to endure the noise coming from the next room of the caravan. With the walls being so thin and the bed being well, poorly made, is it any wonder that Holly and Kyle manage to break it mid-shag.

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