Sam Smith opens up about his AMAZING weight loss! (And his love of tuna melts)

The singer’s lost a whopping 50 Ibs

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by Hayley Kadrou |
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Hey, guys. Did you SEE Sam Smith at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards last night? He was looking seriously hot. And while he did come out a winner last night , he also proved that he’s a massive LOSER, too.

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    The Stay With Me singer has dropped an impressive 50lb, and looks fit, healthy and most importantly, happy.

    But despite the determination it must have taken, the 23 year old admitted that he still dreams about the food he loves all the time. Don’t we all?


    He told NBC News:

    “I went to bed last night dreaming of tuna melts. I love food. My relationship with food has just completely changed."

    He continued:

    "During the process of this album [In The Lonely Hour], I was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

    “When someone calls you ‘gay’, there’s not much you can about that because I am. Whereas, if someone calls you ‘fat’, there is something you can do about that.”

    Sam also recently responded to vile homophobic attacks he received on Instagram, bravely saying that he’s too “thick skinned” to let the torment bring him down.

    Things seem to be going super well for the loveable lad right now, as he’s also just announced, FINALLY, that he WILL be recording the official theme song for the new James Bond film, Spectre.

    G’wan Sam!

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    gq men of the year awards men fashion gallery

    Sam Smith1 of 12

    Sam Smith

    Can we talk about how GOOD Sam Smith looks, rn? It must be that James Bond theme he's hiding under his belt...

    Sam Claflin2 of 12

    Sam Claflin

    Even with a dodgy 'tache Sam is fit.

    David Gandy3 of 12

    David Gandy

    Smooth as ever, Monsieur Gandy in your three-piece suit.

    Chris O'Down4 of 12

    Chris O'Down

    Lovely Chris wore brown brogues with his cool navy suit and a big smile.

    Damon Albarn5 of 12

    Damon Albarn

    Blur lead man Damon kept things real with battered lace-ups finishing his evening ensemble.

    Jack Guinness6 of 12

    Jack Guinness

    wink wink* back at ya, babes.

    James Bay7 of 12

    James Bay

    Simply styled yet oh-so-handsome, Bay is a bae.

    Paul Rudd8 of 12

    Paul Rudd

    There's something about Paul Rudd that makes us happy. We think it's his face.

    Samuel L Jackson9 of 12

    Samuel L Jackson

    You can always rely on Samuel to bring the sleekness. We're glad he ditched the flatcap for the night, too.

    Nick Grimshaw10 of 12

    Nick Grimshaw

    Nick missed the black tie theme, rocking up in trainers and a double-grey look. We're not sure about his new short hair 'do. We miss your massive bouff, Grim!

    Lewis Hamilton11 of 12

    Lewis Hamilton

    Erm, we don't know where to start. The hir? The lace-up bodice? The shiny suit? It's all too much.

    Tinie Tempah12 of 12

    Tinie Tempah

    A big fan of a jazzy jacket, Tinie looked uber fash.

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