Sam Smith recovering from vocal chords operation and ‘high on pain killers’

Sam is recovering from surgery on his vocal chords.

sam smith

by Maria Vallahis |
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Poor Sam Smith has been suffering without a voice since his operation on his vocal chords. And in turn the Stay With Me singer has he's 'high on pain killers' and listening to Whitney Houston music to survive.

Sam confirmed on Twitter he was recovering from surgery on his haemorrhaged vocal cords and tweeted: "Just woken up from op. I'm high on pain killers and listening to Whitney Houston hahahahaha."

Not long after the 22-year-old singer posted the spirited message from his pain-relieving drugs did he express his frustration about not being able to talk.

Sam also confessed he won't be able to talk for the next three weeks which includes his 23rd birthday on May 19.

Get well soon Sam!

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