Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson reveals what REALLY happened in Ibiza during his ‘break’ from Tiffany Watson

Lets just say he hasn't been toottttally devo

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Made in Chelsea: Ibiza starts on Monday, and we can't bloody wait, tbh.

We've had so many questions bubbling in our heads since the end of the last series … Will Jamie Laing and Frankie Gaff pull through Ibiza unscathed?! What will Harry Baron get up to this time? And most importantly, HOW ON EARTH IS SAM THOMPSON AND TIFF WATSON'S 'BREAK' GOING TO PAN OUT?!?!

Remember that clanger? Yup, everything seemed rosy between Sam and Tiff at the end of the last MIC, and then at the end of season party, they just dropped the absolute bombshell that during summer they'd be allowing each other to "get with other people…"

Surely that can only end in disaster… right?

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Speaking to The Daily Mail, Sam said: 'It's been f*cking hard being on this break from Tiff. We have never done a break before. It was the right thing to do though. It's been eye-opening.

'It's easier to say we're going to take a break than to actually do it. It's a bit horrible. But - I haven't been sitting around or crying into a pillow.'

Hmmm. Interesting. So what has he been doing then!?

When asked about his escapades on the white Isle, Sam remained tight lipped, although he did drop a hint or two.

'I'm on a break. Am I going to be twiddling my thumbs? No,' he said. "'I have thought a lot about myself, and it's been a journey. I'm different as a single person and as a person in a relationship - and this break has changed me too."

We're calling it now. He's been a TOTAL playa.

Bring on Monday night, we can't wait for all the dramz!!

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