Sarah Harding and Cheryl ‘clashed’ in Girls Aloud

Sarah apparently 'hated' the later days of the band

Sarah Harding and Cheryl

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Sarah Harding's made no secret of the fact she 'didn't like' being in Girls Aloud while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but no a source has revealed what went on beind the scenes with Nicola Roberts, Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Walsh and Nadine Coyle.

Yup - apparently Sarah and Cheryl majorly 'clashed' over her partying, with the pair having huge rows that left Sarah 'hating' being in the group.

Speaking to heat, an insider said: "She's always seemed a bit of a mess, because she's always been so unsure of herself.

"When she started off in Girls Aloud, she was a different person. She was fun, vivacious and really excitable, but a celebrity lifestyle and her fallouts with the rest of the band changed her.

"She always felt - rightly or wrongly - that the other girls were bitching about her, and they would stop talking when she walking into the room. She hated those days.

"Nadine had already made up her mind to quit the band and was spending more and more time away from the others, so Sarah just ended up feeling left out but never knowing what she did wrong."

Girls Aloud

The source added: "She started getting defensive and felt lost, insecure and alone. At the same time, she was breaking away from the group and becoming a party animal. And that's when it all started going wrong for her."

And it was apparently Cheryl who struggled to socialise with Sarah most. They added: "Cheryl can be a bit awkward in public and wasn't much of a drinker or clubber, while Sarah knew everyone and was always at every event.

"By the end, she and Cheryl used to have massive fights - there would be rows, with Sarah saying no one listened to her opinion."

So we take it a Girls Aloud reunion's a while off, then?

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