OH GOD NO – Scarlett Moffatt and Jeremy McConnell snogged


scarlett moffatt

by Polly Foreman |
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This year, 2016, is a horrible year for a number of reasons - a prominent one being that Jeremy McConnell became a heartthrob. We just DON'T SEE IT.

jeremy mcconnell

After slithering into Celebrity Big Brother in January, he somehow managed to sweep Stephanie Davis off her feet (and we all know how that ended…).

We spent a large chunk of his time in the house wondering who on earth decided he was a celebrity, as we'd never seen him in anything ever before he waltzed into the house.


Someone (we're wondering who?!) has unearthed footage from the MTV show Beauty School Cop Outs that aired in 2013. Our first thought was: "why on earth didn't we watch this show because it SOUNDS AMAZING". Our second thought was: "Oh, Jeremy McConnell and Scarlett Moffatt were on this together! what a funny coincidence!" Our third thought was: "OH MY CHRIST THEY'RE SNOGGING OMG OMG OMG."

scarlett moffatt

It was a strange time for everyone involved.

The series purported to follow a group of wannabes working in a Manchester salon. But it was on MTV, so it essentially just turned into a slightly less wild Geordie Shore.

Scarlett declared that Jezza was "the sexiest leprechaun she'd ever seen in her life" before snogging him on camera.

scarlett moffatt


It's safe to say that Jeremy is a little bit partial to an MTV reality show – he's apparently been asked to go on the next season of Ex On The Beach, which starts filming in September 2016.

Since we heard the news, we haven't quite been able to shake off an image of a heavily pregnant Stephanie Davis waddling out of the sea looking furious – but producers said she won't be appearing. SHOCKER.

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