Scott Disick APPROVES of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship

Brother, Rob Kardashian

by Sophie Bronstein |
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We all know that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship wasn't exactly taken well by the Kardashian family, but oldest sister Kourtney's ex boyfriend Scott Disick has now spoken out of how he APPROVES of the two being together.

Rob, who disappeared from the celebrity scene a number of years ago now, seems to have stepped out into the spotlight more and more in recent weeks since his relationship with Blac Chyna was made official.

Scott told People magazine that "I'm just so grateful and happy about it. There's literally nothing but happiness. I'm just happy that he's happy".

While on the Kyle & Jackie O radio show, Scott also said "Things are difficult sometimes, especially when you become in the spotlight very quickly overnight. Your whole life changes very quickly. He was just getting out of college, and then he became famous quickly, and I think it was a lot for him to handle. I don't think that was the path he wanted to be on, and he just got caught in the middle of it".

He continued; "He's one of the greatest guys I know. He's got a good heart, and he's just an amazing guy all round. He's doing great, he's doing actually unbelievable. He had to take some time off, and I think he was a little down-and-out, but he's doing a lot better, and I think he's very happy".

Blac Chyna has a child with Kylie Jenner's current boyfriend Tyga, which is why the reported family feud began - but now that Scott has spoken out about Rob's happiness, could the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan begin to accept his relationship too?

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