Scott Disick cancels tour dates to fly to Paris and see family…

Scott Disick’s UK tour is not going well.


by Ellie Henman |
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There’s no other way to put it really. Kicking off the start of the tour in Liverpool on Thursday 26 February, things started to quickly unravel as angry fans – many who paid big money for their tickets to see the reality star – took to Twitter to vent their wrath about his time-keeping, personal hygiene and his inability to smile.

Tonight, Scott’s UK agent Mark Brewer announced Scott was cancelling his appearances, writing on Twitter: “Due to unforeseen circumstances @scottdisick is unable to attend Bournemouth and Southampton this evening. Apologies to all his fans.”

Mark later told us: “Scott had to fly to Paris this evening to meet up with family . He is due back tomorrow.”


More exciting news!

    Back to the previous nights. Pop culture blogger Ellie Thorpe attended one of Scott’s Manchester appearances, at the Lowry Hotel, and was not impressed.

    Although the event – where fans paid £95 a ticket for a two hour question and answer session from 6pm until 8pm – was praised by Ellie for the overall care and attention to detail by the party planners, Scott was a walking disaster.

    “Scott didn’t turn up until 7:20pm and before he arrived the PR said Scott had requested no screaming, no getting out of seats and no grabbing,” Ellie tells heat.

    “I was still excited about meeting him but imagine my disappointment when he entered the room in stale smelling clothes and a baseball cap. He stank of smoke.”

    This event was Scott’s only under 18 event and according to Ellie, he acted completely innapropriately

    She adds: He took to the microphone and swore and spoke inappropriately. Remember, half of the fans sat on the front row were under the age of 14.”

    Scott’s late arrival also meant photographs got cut short, with Ellie explaining: “After about 30 people had been photographed, his bodyguards told everybody that you could only have your photo taken with him groups. It was an absolute joke when people had paid up to £95 for that one photo opportunity. He didn't crack one smile on one single photo and instead looked somewhat disgusted.”

    Let’s hope things improve when he flies back tomorrow.

    You can check out more of Ellie’s review here!

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