Scott Disick “trashed hotel” just one month after birth of son Reign Aston

We’re doing very intense faces of disapproval right now

Scott Disick

by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

What do you do when you’ve got a one-month-old son? You sing some nursery rhymes, you park him in front of Dinner Date, you maybe wear earmuffs when he’s crying, etc.

Or in the case of Scott Disick, you possibly go off on hols to Aspen and then trash your hotel room.

Insiders at Hotel Jerome, where Scott stayed, have revealed to TMZ that Scott and his gang went out on the razz on their first night in the ski resort – and when they returned they took a bottle of alcohol from the bar.

The hotel didn’t call the police, but charged Scott and his crew $400.

TMZ reports that the boys ordered a further $840 of alcohol to their room, followed by a $600 tab the next night (that’s a LOT of booze).

The hotel was then alerted that “the smell of weed” was coming from the room where Scott was staying.

When the group left the hotel, there were reported bottles and fab ends littering the (non-smoking) room.

Listen, Scott, you’re not in The Hangover, mmmkay? Get your butt back to your girlfriend and son, and stop acting like you’re 18.

Wow, all that stern writing was hard work. But we mean it.

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