Scott Disick tucks away his cars in the garage and wishes them “goodnight”

We bet he's got names for them too.

Scott Disick

by Maria Vallahis |

Scott Disick has wished his cars goodnight on Instagram. That's not weird at all.

The 32-year-old shared a snap of two shiny motors telling his 10.5 million followers: "Night girls."

His fans didn't take the post too lightly after some branded him "lonely" and "your priorities are ass backwards."


One fan agree with Scott and commented: "I would be saying goodnight too if I had some g rides like that!"

The girls.

In June Kourtney and Scott split up after nine years together and the pair have three children together, Penelope, Mason and Reign.

And although his relationship with Kourt and the Kardashian/Jenner sisters seems to have diminished, Scott has kept good friends with Kylie Jenner's beau, rapper Tyga.

During an episode of Tyga’s reality TV show Kingin' With Tyga, Scott pays a visit to the rapper's house to help find all the gold in his house.

The 25-year-old who refers to himself as a "Last King" and "King Gold Chains" gets his assistant Katherine and his other crew to collect the random gold so he can melt it all and make a statue of his two-year-old son, King Cairo.

So melting gold party and wishing cars goodnight. Super.

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