Scott Mills: “Grimmy needs more sass on the X Factor”

And he runs his song choices past his BBC workmates...but they're NOT all backing his acts to win (sorry Grimmy)


by Selina Maycock |
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Nick Grimshaw made us LOL on the X Factor this weekend. We loved his quips towards Simon Cowell and Rita Ora – first daring Simon to lower the level of his shirt button to match that of contestant Mason Noise.

And he wasn’t afraid to tell his BFF Rita that she was dressed like it was Halloween. Ouch. Are we finally starting to see the real Grimmy? His workmates think so.

Speaking to us exclusively, backstage at the BBC Teen Awards, DJ Scott Mills told us: “Now it's live, the Grimmy we know is the Grimmy on TV. He needs to have a bit more sass because that's what he's like and he's doing it now."

Grimmy has been getting feedback on his song choices from his workmates. DJ Chris Stark tells us: “He's walking around the office talking about his song choices.”

And DJ Matt Edmondson added: “He’s always showing me videos of performances, asking if it's a good song choice.”

But despite conferring over songs, they don’t all think Grimmy’s acts will win. Scott wants Cheryl’s duo Reggie ‘n’ Bollie to win, while Chris reckons it will be Cheryl’s girl group 4th Impact. Only Matt is rooting for Grimmy’s Che Chesterman.

So if Grimmy wants Matt’s full support, he knows what he’s got to do… Matt tells us: “I'm slightly annoyed with him because I did lay him down a challenge of doing a, 'I don't like it...I love it', leaving as long a gap as he can in between ‘I don't like it and I love it’. And he was like, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah I'll do it’ but he has yet to honour that.

“I want him to say it stone-faced and for as long as he can hold that gap and when he does that I will fully support him."

Come on Grimmy, you can do it…

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