Are Scotty T and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore going on a DATE?

But Scotty is Gaz's best mate. Surely they wouldn't. OR WOULD THEY.

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What's going on with the Geordie Shore lot at any one time is pretty much always anyone's guess, but we were still intrigued by an apparent date night between Scotty T and Charlotte Crosby.

While the T (as he is, and will always be, known) has an excellent track record of serial dating, he's Gary Beadle's best mate. And Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby broke up recently in a shower of fireworks, pointed social media posts, a departure from the show on Charlotte's part, and a fairly TMI column in The Star on Gary's.

According to Gary, the pair were never made official so slept with other people. Then got upset about it. Argued a lot. Decided to break up. Now Charlotte may be going on a date with Scotty T.

And they're pretty much a match made in reality TV heaven when you think about it: she's broken up with his best mate, he's just bedded three women on another reality show where people's exes pop out of cupboards (Ex on the Beach obviously). Couldn't be more (im)perfect.

So what's going on? Firstly, Charlotte revealed she 'would swipe yes' if she saw Scotty on Tinder. Then, they both found out Beyonce is playing in Sunderland and decided to try and go with each other despite not having tickets.

We're not sure Scotty T is actually asking for Beyonce tickets though. His Geordie dialect is so strong, there's a solid possibility he's trying to say he's stranded in Berwick-Upon-Tweed due to signal failure and needs help getting home.

Nobody knows if this is an actual date, or a friend-date, but everything's up for grabs with these two.

On the other hand, maybe they just can't f*cking believe Beyonce is on in Sunderland and will go with whoever. As Charlotte succinctly puts it:

We'd be prepared to go along with all our exes and seventeen dead wasps if it meant seeing Bey live. So maybe that's all this is...


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