Scotty T is FLIRTING with Chloe Khan

We certainly didn’t see that one coming

Scotty T

by Polly Foreman |
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This series of Celebrity Big Brother has thrown us some absolute shockers. Some of these were so damn shocking that they inspired an actual campaign attempting to actually ban the show.

How’s that campaign going BTW, guys?

We have to admit we were a little bored when the only nawtiness in the house was stemming from Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson. They were predictable AF.

So we were thrilled when Renee Graziano propositioned Stephen Bear (arguably the most bizarre thing we’ve ever seen on our tele screens), and even more pleased when Bear started getting it on with Chloe Khan (in the loo, the snug, the shower etc).

chloe khan

We didn’t see that coming at all.

But of course that didn’t end well (explosive arguments with Renee, Chloe getting evicted etc etc).

But things may be looking up for Chloe, as she seemingly has a brand new admirer.

Yup, none other than former CBB winner SCOTTY T has got his beady little eye on her. He made the first move via Twitter (very 2016). He wrote: “@Chloekhanxxx alreet kid what’s your whatsapp?”


This could possibly be a sly dig at Chloe after she made the ALARMING relevation that she’d been WhatsApping Renee Graziano before the show.

We like to imagine that, pre Celebrity Big Brother, the prospective housemates all go into a secret vortex, don’t know anything about what or who’s coming, and that they’re surprised faces and “nice to meet yous” when each person walks down the stairs on launch night is 100% totally completely and utterly genuine.

But Chloe’s slip up kinda ruined this for us. She told Emma during her eviction interview: “The exact thing she said to Bear, like ‘let’s make a thing for the show’, she said it to me before on Whatsapp.”

Chloe Khan

Emma then asked her: “How do you know Bear didn't make that up?” and Chloe replied: “She told me that herself on Whatsapp.

"I didn't know Renee before the show. But she Whatsapped me and said we've got the boobs, we've got the ass, so let's go in there and give them a show to remember.

At least we know she’s definitely got Whatsapp – you may be in luck, Scotty!

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