Scotty T and Jemma Lucy GO TO WAR

It's a war of words. Our second favourite kind of war.

Scotty T LS

by Georgina Terry |
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We are worried. Not just with the general worries of life (going over details of the last conversation we had convincing ourselves everyone thinks we're a dickhead / unable to sleep for thinking about batter week / piles) but for Scotty T.

We would really like to give him a hug and ask U OK HUN? Because it feels as though something just isn't right with Mr T Dick (self-proclaimed).

Scotty has been sending some very angry tweets of late, and they all seem to be addressed towards the Ex On The Beach women.

His latest tirade details how to be famous if you go on the show and have a vagina:

Yes, there's some pretty staggering hypocrisy in there.

Fortunately, the women Scotty's being cruel about haven't taken it lying down.

Jemma Lucy

Jemma Lucy, who Scotty had sex with behind his BEST FRIEND's back, burned him with: "Lol Scott or go to rehab for sniffing too much gear ? Get a life."

(Scotty has denied that he's ever been to rehab).

Holly Rickwood

And Holly Rickwood, who Scotty has singled out for criticismbefore, responded with this LOLtastic tweet: "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe you should include this in your lads one."

Could Scotty be cross that it was Gary Beadle and not him that was invited back for the All Stars series?

It's not as though we see a lot of Scotty when Geordie Shore isn't on screens, although he has got his PANTO to look forward to later in the year. We may actually go and see it (we probably won't TBH).

Maybe Scott's angry tweets – kind of a 200-character version of Gaz's flabbergasting Daily Star Online column – will calm down when Geordie Shore 13 hits our screens.

Find out allll about the new series here. GO ON.

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