Scotty T kicked off at Tesco over the meal deal sandwich he got… from Boots

A decent Twitter storm ensued

Scotty T

by Emmeline Saunders |
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Blame the weather, blame frigging Mercury STILL being in flanging retrograde, but this week's been a weird one, huh? Everyone at work's shattered, everyone on the bus is angry – even normally quite affable reality TV stars are getting antsy.

But Scotty T took the biscuit last night when he started tweeting at Tesco to tell them the sandwich he'd bought in a meal deal was shit.

Only one problem… the meal deal was from Boots.

Oh, Scotty.

"@Tesco just bought this f*cking sandwich and it's rank.. What you gonna do about it," he asked.

Tesco, being not too sure whether Scott was joking or not, replied: "Not sure how we can help ;) Might want to try @BootsUK."

But the Geordie Shore star just kept. On. Tweeting.

And then it all went a bit 'brandter'.

Eventually Tesco got tired of his nonsense and just stopped, leaving Scotty to tweet into the infinite void.


Yep: meal deals in Milton Keynes. Now you can never feel envious of a reality star's life again.

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