Will Scotty T leave Geordie Shore for his ‘secret’ girlfriend?

The Geordies are dropping like, erm, squattings

Scotty T Francesca Toole

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Happy / sad news today, Geordie Shore fans.

Happy because Scotty T is getting to have a holiday (the poor lamb) and sad because the holiday is with his sometimes girlfriend Francesca Toole.

Could going on holiday together signal that it's serious? We all know that partners on the outside and life inside the Geordie Shore pad don't mix.

Just think of Gaz Beadle's limp performance when he was coupled-up with Lillie Lexie Gregg; how miserable Holly Hagan became when she was with Kyle Christie (and he'd been booted off the show by Beadle); James Tindale's almost cringe-worthy cling to the show despite him having NO STORY with a girlfriend – Kate – outside the show.

Francesca posted a sweet tweet saying that she was looking forward to getting away with Scotty:

And Scotty quote tweeted it, including a romantic aubergine:

Scotty has been linked to Francesca since he was outed as having a gal pal by Jeremy McConnell following their appearance on *Celebrity Big Brother *in winter 2016.

Jezza said of Scotty during Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side: "There’s this girl he’s seeing that he likes, but his job is to have sex and be on TV.

"You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re doing a job like that."

True dat. And speaking of Francesca, Scotty said: "It’s so hard because it’s like, do I make the decision to commit or do I continue and further my career?

"I don’t want to go out and pull other girls – I’ve been there and done that…

"[I would marry her] if I wasn’t away and always in Newcastle," he told *Now *magazine in May.

Could his appearance in pantomime this year, that we're still struggling to get our heads around TBH, be evidence of a new career move?


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