Secret dates: Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart back ON?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart look like they’re falling back IN love.


by Ellie Henman |
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The couple – who split last summer after allegations he’d been flirting with a transgender model Sofie Vissa – were snapped together in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

At one point Casper, 27, even put his arm around the 45-year-old. (SCREAM).

Now, he could have just been giving her a matey hug (like you would to a friend if they were cold) but looking at the evidence…we think not.

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    Bizarrely, J-Lo appeared to be crashing a meeting between Casper and Nick Jonas. The guys were at the Z Zegna & GQ event in Hollywood before Casper met up with Jen and went to the nearby Hotel Café.

    J-Lo and Casper looking loved in May (they split one month later)
    J-Lo and Casper looking loved in May (they split one month later)

    Casper worked as the choreographer for Jen’s Dance Again tour in 2012 (he was back up dancer before that) and he dated the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer for two years before they split.

    Last month, mum-of-two Jen hinted she was back on the market saying: “I think being on my own has been really great for me. There was a time where I was just like ‘I'm just not going to deal with anybody, I just want to be on my own,’ – now I'm getting back into the mix.”

    She did add however that she had “no announcements to make” at that time.

    What about now, Jen?


    jennifer lopez before the stylist

    jl0-81 of 15


    jlo-12 of 15


    jlo-23 of 15


    Out and about in 20084 of 15

    Out and about in 2008

    In a frock that's so Essex we're surprised the TOWIE lot haven't ripped it off.

    Fringed in 20075 of 15

    Fringed in 2007

    Heading straight for the cruise ships in this number...

    Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards in 20046 of 15

    Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards in 2004

    Accessories > when in doubt, wear them ALL.

    Paris 20037 of 15

    Paris 2003

    Rags can be designer treats, too!

    Floppy in 20018 of 15

    Floppy in 2001

    At the height of her bad ass early booty babe days in OTK boots and meow prints.

    Golden in 20019 of 15

    Golden in 2001

    Look at those trousers! Have you ever seen a pair that are more 00s than these gold beauts?!

    Vogue Awards 200010 of 15

    Vogue Awards 2000

    Gold was a big part of early J-Lo's look. That hoop belt looks like a portal into another universe.

    Piano posing in 200011 of 15

    Piano posing in 2000

    The dress... those boots... that piano... WE DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START.

    Shiny in 200012 of 15

    Shiny in 2000

    Why wear one lot of shiny leather when you can wear TWO?

    Red carpet styling in 199813 of 15

    Red carpet styling in 1998

    Jen must have raided her mum's wardrobe for this. SURELY.

    Jaunty in 199714 of 15

    Jaunty in 1997

    The Made In Chelsea lot might think they pioneered this jumper-over-the-shoulders look, but NO.

    Throwing some shade in 200715 of 15

    Throwing some shade in 2007

    So Joan Collins it's actually cool.

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