The seven best gifs from Rihanna’s video for FourFiveSeconds, featuring Kanye West’s dancing and a confused Paul McCartney

Not got three minutes? We've captured the best bits, don't worry. You can eat that cake now.


by Rhiannon Evans |
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After years of drinking, going on holiday and Instagramming, Rihanna is finally back at work, and has today released the video for her new single, FourFiveSeconds, which also stars Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

It's pretty cool, and the song is growing on us for sure, but we didn't want to just make you watch the video (which you can do below). We instead made gifs of the best seven moments.

And we hope you enjoy them.

There's the Rihanna eye roll, which we will be using every single time someone tries to make us do anythind we don't want to from now until forever.


Paul McCartney generally looks confused the WHOLE way through and is all "Where's the camera again?"


Kanye's dance moves are a sight to behold (he's defintely embrancing Dad Dancing now), but we particularly enjoy when he tries to pull a Michael Jackson move. It's a real THRILLER


To be fair though, the video is pretty emosh at points...


And Kanye has a lot of feelings. Which he mainly expresses by hitting himself


Which, it turns out, is rilly hard work y'all #sweatyfod


We don't think Kanye likes sweating. It makes him all a bit 'You wouldn't like me when I'm angry'


If you STILL don't feel like you've seen EVERYTHING that's worth seeing, you can (of course) watch the video here:


Rihanna does the World Cup final 2014

rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-11 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-22 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-33 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-44 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-555 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-66 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-77 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-88 of 16


rihanna-pele-world-cup-final-99 of 16


rihanna-pele-adriana-lima-world-cup-final-1010 of 16


rihanna-pele-adriana-lima-world-cup-final-1611 of 16


rihanna-pele-adriana-lima-world-cup-final-1212 of 16


rihanna-1313 of 16


rihanna-pele-adriana-lima-world-cup-final-1414 of 16


rihanna-pele-adriana-lima-world-cup-final-1615 of 16


rihanna-pele-adriana-lima-world-cup-final-1716 of 16


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