Seven reasons Noel Fielding is a good choice for GBBO

Are you pro Noel or anti Noel?

noel fielding

by Stevie Martin |
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While a whole host of presenters for Great British Bake Off were announced yesterday - including Prue Leith and Sandi Toksvig - there's one who has been the biggest talking point: Noel Fielding.

Turns out he's a pretty divisive choice, ranging from "Oh I'll actually watch it now!" right through to "This is the worst decision anyone has ever made in the world ever". Yep, passions are high right now.

However, we at heat Towers actually think he's gonna be pretty great - whether or not you're a fan of his comedy, we just think he'll be a good laugh with the cakes. And he's smiley. And wears excellent clothing. And look, here are all the reasons you need to chill out and start looking forward to the all-new all-singing all-fielding GBBO. If you're pro Noel, then maybe print this out for your friend who reacted to the news particularly badly?

He's basically played a big cake already, so talking about them shouldn't be a problem. Especially during meringue week.

He once dressed like an evil Mary Berry (sort of) so you might not, er, notice the difference?

noel fielding

He is a professional baker already.

He's galvanising others towards a more interesting televisual landscape (AKA Russell Brand now wants to do Strictly which we would LOVE to see)

We can't wait to live tweet about his outfits. And get some serious style inspiration.

noel fielding

As well as cakes, we could get more of an insight into his familial relations

noel fielding

He's a nice dude

Sandi Toksvig, his fellow co-host, said: "Noel Fielding is one of the nicest guys in show business. The first time I met him I felt like I had met a rather wayward cousin whose take on the world made me laugh."

Long live Bake Off.

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