Who is Sienna Mae Gomez? Your need to know on the TikTok star

She's a 'body positivity' influencer

Sienna Mae Gomezhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CN5KuJKlAa8/

by Marianna Manson |

Who is Sienna Mae Gomez?

Sienna Mae Gomez is one of a number of teens who have found fame on TikTok in the last year or so, with a whopping 15.1 MILLION followers on the app and another 2.6m on Instagram.

How old is Sienna Mae Gomez?

Sienna is 17 years old.

Where is Sienna Mae Gomez from?

Sienna is from the state of California in the USA.

What is Sienna Mae Gomez’s job?

Considering she’s but 17 years old, Sienna doesn’t actually have a ‘job’ job, but given the amount of followers she’s amassed already, it’s certain she’ll be making an income from social media for at least a few years.

What is Sienna’s Mae Gomez’s TikTok?

You can follow Sienna Mae Gomez on TikTok at @siennamae

Does Sienna Mae Gomez have Instagram?

Of course she does – find her at @siennamaegomez.

What has Sienna Mae Gomez said about body positivity?

Sienna has made her name on social media for her ‘body positive’ posts, dancing in her undies and (shock! Horror!) eating food in her videos and went viral for creating a particular TikTok dance that was imitated by pop superstar Lizzo.

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Speaking to Nylon magazine in a profile from earlier this year about her long journey to self acceptance, Sienna said, "There's girls around me that I could just look at every day and be, like, ‘Oh, I wish I had that from her.’ But I've honestly always been pretty good at trying to stay confident in myself and understanding that I only have my body and that there's no point in comparing, which has played out for me a lot in this whole social media journey.

"I think, I kind of got that self-confidence and self-love thing from growing up in a really accepting home, just being told always that eating is okay, whatever I was like, it's okay. Everything was out of love. So I was just taught to love my body from a young age, which is something that's really played out and been so nice for me to be able to do."

What’s the controversy around Sienna Mae Gomez?

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Despite her noble work, Sienna has faced some criticism from followers for preaching ‘body positivity’ when she very much conforms to the slim, able bodied ideal of traditional beauty standards.

Defending herself from the online controversy, Sienna said, "I never claimed to be the face of body positivity.

"I never claimed to be in a specific group or representing a specific group of people. My account has always been, and will always be, purely just me feeling confident and hoping that that can inspire others... I've always put the message out there that any body type is beautiful. There is no right body."

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