Sienna Miller responds to criticism after not wearing a poppy on TV

Sienna has been promoting her new film Burnt

Sienna Miller

by Anna Lewis |
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You may have spotted that Sienna Miller wasn’t wearing a poppy during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

And now, after receiving criticism, Sienna has decided to explain why.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the 33 year old said: “I had a poppy on funnily enough and I was wearing a dress that was like crepe paper basically and as I was going on I looked down - it was tearing at the dress and they’d said my name and so I whipped it off.

“It’s unfortunate it’s been made such a huge kind of… it’s really snowballed apparently and of course I don’t think there is anyone in this country that isn’t grateful and respectful and never would want to cause offence and wear a poppy all the time but people kind of focus on things enough to pick at the negative. It seems a little extreme.”

The actress added that she filmed a number of interviews about her new film*, Burnt,* a long time ago that will air this week, and she’s worried people will criticise her for not having a poppy on again.

“Also, there’s another show I’m worried about coming out because we pre-recorded it, where we are probably not wearing poppies but some of these things are filmed weeks before they air. But you can’t please everyone and I meant no disrespect. Of course I didn’t.”

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