Simon Cowell ‘confirms’ Louis Tomlinson WILL be appearing on The X Factor!

Do you fancy seeing Louis as a judge?

by Maria Vallahis |

The internet is going slightly cray-cray for The X Factor red carpet event tonight, especially now it's been confirmed Louis Tomlinson IS going to appear on the ITV show, according to Yahoo Celeb.

The publication spoke to Simon Cowell at tonight's event, who confirmed the One Direction member is "basically" going to be on the show.

Simon also told them that 1D have been "massively overworked these last five years and he encouraged their break."So does X Factor start tonight/today?

Louis also teased us by tweeting about X Factor saying: "So does X Factor start tonight/today ?"


He went on to tell his 20 million followers:


The news that Louis could become a talent show judge when 1D go on their one-year break next year, broke earlier this week.

After sources revealed the band will be going on hiatus from March 2016 – and won’t even be touring their final album – Sun reporter Dan Wootten pointed out that Louis could be going back to his roots.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine on Monday, Dan outlined some of Louis’ solo career plans. “Louis [is] very likely to be part of The X Factor next year in some form of role. I think potentially it could be some sort of judge role,” he said.

And in other VERY important X Factor news: SIMON COWELL HAS A BEARD.

The big guy has been showing that bad boy off at today’s X Factor press conference.

And, as an office, we’re torn. Some of us are all for it. Some of us are not.

But who cares what we think? What do you think? Yay or nay to Simon being covered in even more hair?

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