Simon Cowell: ‘I’d pay to put Squiddly and Diddly on the cover of heat’

Better cough up then, big guy…

Simon Cowell

by heatworld |

The X Factor is getting pretty competitive, and the judges are all desperate to win – but it’s not just the categories they’re fighting for. This year, Simon, Cheryl and Nick are desperate to get their dogs on the cover of* heat* magazine.

So much so, that when we attended the press conference at London’s PictureHouse Central, we gave them the chance to make a pitch for why their dog should feature on our cover, and they went for it.


“This is really good,” said Simon, jumping straight in with a headline for dogs Squiddly and Diddly: “These dogs are on heat”.

Impressed with Simon’s pun, but wanting to win, Grimmy played the sympathy card, saying, “My dog Pig had a serious operation last night, so she’s got a cone on her head.”

Then Cheryl also tried a classic* X Factor* sob story with, “Both my dogs have got cones on.” Simon ultimately won by claiming, “I am prepared to give you a bit of cash.” Even Grimmy admitted, “Simon wins – but I got my headline: ‘Notorious P.I.G.’”

At the time of going to press, we hadn’t received any cash, cheques or bank transfers from Simon – but Squiddly and Diddly made it on anyway.


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