Is this when Simon Cowell will die?

The X Factor judge was told by doctors that he’s got forty years left to live


by Gwendolyn Smith |
Published on

Displaying that healthy chunk of narcissism we all love/loathe him for, Simon Cowell has undergone tests with doctors to find out when he will die. Cheery, eh?

It’s emerged that he’ll probably live until he’s 95. So like it or not, his increasingly orange complexion (we're shuddering at the thought of what it will be like when he's in his nineties) will be gracing our TV screens for the next few decades.

Given the current average life expectancy for people who live in England is 81.3, Simon’s death date is impressive - particularly when you bear in mind his 20-a-day smoking habit and high octane career.

He put his suggested longevity down to having a family. He told the Daily Mirror: “I had the DNA test done in LA which predicts when you're going to die. They take your blood and DNA, then give you back a sheet of paper which says 'We think you're going to be alive until xxxx'".

He went on: "Obviously it doesn't take account of the fact you might get hit by a bus tomorrow, but I got told I'd die aged 95 - which is about as good as you can expect."

He added: "I think a lot of it is down to having a family now, and a lack of stress. I've learned to deal with stress much better now, things don't bother me in the way that they once used to."

The music mogul, who lives with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their son Eric, also emphasized the importance of regular check ups, revealing that he sees a medical professional twice a year.

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