Blue singer Simon Webbe reveals his brother took his own life after mental health battle

Heartbreaking news

Simon Webbe

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Blue singer Simon Webbe has revealed the heartbreaking news that his brother Straon took his own life following a battle with his mental health.

Simon, who enjoyed major success in boyband Blue alongside Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Antony Costa, revealed the devastating news on social media, confirming it happened in November 2018.

Sharing a photo of his late brother to his Instagram page, Simon urged his fans to 'stop searching for perfection', before asking anybody that is suffering to seek help. He wrote, 'It’s 2019 and I feel this is a year where we should be thankful, stop searching for perfection cause you will never find it. I lost my brother Straon to suicide while I was working in Bradford! He was someone I thought I’d see again and hurts me deep that people, like myself struggle everyday with Mental health issues, it’s taboo and needs to be brought to the forefront, we can all start by asking someone, anyone close to you “ how are you really feeling” after that the key is to listen. Can we start there? I’m back on socials and will support the #mentalhealthawareness movement as I always have. Please be brave and talk!!!! #talk #listen #brother #sister #mother #father #issues #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #music #life #live #exist #yourworthit #smilemore #morethanperfect #restinpeace'. [sic]

Fans were quick to comment on Simon's post, sending their condolences. One user wrote, 'So sorry for your loss ❤️ Sending love to you, Ayshen and family x', with another writing, Sorry to hear that Simon and I can relate because I have a child with mental illness. God bless you and be strong. You are blessed by so many of us love you including your family. 🙏🙏🙏💙❤️💙'. [sic]

Simon later told OK! Magazine, "I’ve actually been off social media until recently because I sadly lost my brother to suicide almost two months ago. It is something that is taboo. It’s taught me that people just need to be honest about what they need personally."

Our thoughts go out to Simon and his family. ❤️

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