Snapped with her bf! Has Rebel Wilson found love?

Hmm, cosy.

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by Maria Vallahis |
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The funniest woman in showbiz right now, Rebel Wilson, recently stepped out to a ice-hockey game with US actor Mickey Gooch Jr and posed for a very cosy looking snap together.

The Pitch Perfect actress even shared the image on Instagram – and if that’s not proof of a boastful, proud girlfriend, then what is?


The pair were watching the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden with matching tops on (there we go, another huge bf/gf hint). And what may have appeared as a friendly hangout, was not.

“They get along really well, they respect each other's work," a source told US Weekly. "She's been too busy to date for awhile, they've been texting often and they've been spending some time together in L.A. and New York."

Rebel posted her pic of the duo alongside the caption: “#RangerDanger Let's go NY!”

That’s not the only thing Rebel has been keeping under-wraps. The Aussie star has recently lied about her age. Yes, it’s true. The controversy started after Australian tabloid Woman's Day printed a story that claimed the star has been lying about her name, age and background, among other things.

But when the story gained pickup from other outlets, the comedienne responded on Twitter in the best way possible.

"OMG I'm actually a 100 year old mermaid formerly known as 'CC Chalice' ....thanks shady Australian press for your tall poppy syndrome x," she wrote.

“Ooh, those celebrities and their magic changing ages. If only we could successfully lie about our age – the thing is, nobody really cares with us, and anyway, our mate Tara has been claiming she’s 25 since about 2006.”

Rebel and her co-stars in the new film Pitch Perfect 2.

Looks like Rebel might have been telling porkies about when she was born. WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO DO, it’s almost like she’s not funny or talented in any way now (we’re very, very much joking).

Some snitchy old classmate who claims she went to school with Rebel has totally dobbed her in to the age police (that’s Aussie mag Woman’s Day, everyone. Hide your passports NOW).

“I studied with Rebel at Tara Anglican School for Girls in North Parramatta, Sydney,” says the snitch/old mate, who was probably that annoying know-it-all who covered her books in wrapping paper and wouldn’t let you borrow her purple gel pen.

“But no-one knew of a Rebel Wilson. Her name is – or was – Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, and she’s 36.”

Well, there you go, Rebel Wilson: lies about her age, keeps bf a secret. How horrid? NOT.

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