Snoop Dogg has become a GRANDDAD for the first time. This is amazing

We reckon Snoop is ready for, erm, the next episode

Snoop Dogg

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Can you imagine Snoop Dogg as a granddad? Admittedly, this isn’t something we’ve ever really pondered - until now.

Our granddads tend not to do raps with Dr Dre, smoke loads of weed and get banned from British Airways, but Snoop does, and now he’s officially a granddad, so in your face, standard grandfathers.

Do you like Werther’s Originals, Snoop? You need to get started on those bad boys if you haven’t already. They’re WELL granddad.

Snoop’s only 43, so he’s a pretty young granddad, but there’s no time like the present to get started on being an OAP.

How about one of those walking sticks with a secret hip flash in? Where you unscrew the handle, revealing the whiskey within. That’s definitely Snoop.

The rapper’s eldest son Corde Broadus has had his first child with wife Jessica Kyzer, and it’s a boy who’s been named Zion.

Snoop has been busy posting making photo montages, which he’s put up on Instagram like the proud granddaddy he is.

“Zion. U have a lot of love Waitn on u grandson!!' he wrote.

He also put up this video, where baby Zion does, er, not very much at all, but that’s what babies do best. But at least little Zion isn’t being sick on film.

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