Did someone hack Harry Styles’s twitter?

He posted photos that got immediately deleted. Mysterious.

harry styles

by Stevie Martin |
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Harry Styles has been in the news a lot recently, what with splitting from One Direction's talent agency Model Management, and joining CAA during the band's supposed hiatus.

Then he said he liked sprouts, and everyone lost their minds for a bit.

Now he's causing havoc again by having the gall - THE GALL - to post a pic of former-ish (it's still unclear whether One Direction have split, or are genuinely just taking a break) bandmate Louis Tomlinson having a coffee... before deleting it.

What was everyone meant to think? Well we can tell you what the general consensus is: that Harry's account was brutally hacked. Which, at first, doesn't quite make sense because, if it was hacked, surely you'd do something a bit more fun than retweet an old and newer pic of Louis with a coffee, captioning it "G://www.smartur.it/ye". But then, you may notice, that the URl leads to a Larry shipping page (for anyone not in the know, larry shipping is the concept that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are secretly going out. Yep. It's something some directioners are into). Which means yeah, he probably was hacked.

A load of directioners screenshotted the tweet before it was deleted so, thank god, it's been preserved for historical records.

harry styles

And of course, the twitter reaction has been fairly crazed, with loads of fans believing this confirms that Harry and Louis are going out.

We, for obvious reasons, believe he was hacked.

No word from Harry yet on what the hell is going on...

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