Sophie Kasaei: ‘I’d give ANYTHING to be back on Geordie Shore’

The ex-reality star tells heat she's learnt her lesson after being kicked off the show in 2013

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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In Geordie Shore's long and illustrious history (well… all five years and 12 series of it), Sophie Kasaei remains the only cast member who's actually been kicked off for good.

She was booted out of the house back in 2013 after allegedly making a racist remark on camera – but she's back, back, BACK for new spin-off show Geordie Shore's Big Birthday Battle.

heat caught up with Sophie ahead of the series to ask what she's been up to – and she revealed she still regrets being forced to leave the show.

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"What MTV did has made me learn my lesson, I had to leave for two-and-a-half years. It was hard and I do regret anything that happened," she said.

"I never thought in a million years that I'd be able to come back. I just literally got back in [the house] and got it all out of my system. I went mad – I was getting drunk, I was just having the best time so, yeah, like trust me, I totally learned my lesson."

As for rumours the other Shoresters – Holly Hagan, Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle – are thinking about quitting the show, Sophie said they should never take their fame for granted.

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"The girls probably don't realise that you don't know what you've got till it's gone, and if I could shake them in the head and be like, 'don’t ever, ever say that you're gonna leave, cause if you do it's shit', because you do miss it," she confessed.

"I'm actually gonna admit that I would love to be back full-time and be back there with the girls, I enjoy this so much more than ever."

Sophie even admitted she still watches the show, then gets together with the GS lasses (they're still BFFs in real life) to gossip about what happens in the series.

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"We went to Ibiza last year, all the girls, even Chloe Ferry, who I'd never met before, so when we were away they’d sometimes talk about the show, and I was just there like you know when you’re a bit outcast? I was like, aw god I've got nothing in common now.

"But then this time we went away and it was just good to be back, like we just got to talk about all the gossip on the show and boys, and I had that bond back."

Sophie revealed she's still with Joel Corry, the guy who used to occasionally come and be a dick to her in earlier seasons of Geordie Shore, and they're stronger than ever.

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"Obviously me and Joel had the most up-and-down relationship on Geordie Shore, but I'll tell you one thing: even Charlotte and Gary or Holly and Kyle or Ricci and Vicky [didn't make it].

"People were like, ah he was using you, but you've got to think, I didn't have fame, I didn't have money for two-and-a-half years, yet he was still there."

But now Sophie thinks it's time for her to return to reality TV and make amends with the public – but she's not sure what will happen with her and Geordie Shore.

geordie shore cast series 1

"You know, I'd love to be back full time, I'd give anything to be back, but you just don't know do you?"

Catch Geordie Shore: The Big Birthday Battle on Tuesday 10 May at 10pm on MTV

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