Are the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys going on a JOINT TOUR next year?

Excuse us while we revert back to our pre-tween years and SOB WITH HAPPINESS


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Imagine this story is like your best mate from school, your best mate who always had your back and introduced you to booze, and held your hair back when you puked half a pint of vodka into a wheelie bin, and sussed out which blokes you should snog, and always bunked off with you during RE and you’d talk about life and the universe and the ever-after till it was time to go home for tea.

Well guess what? This best mate of yours has the BEST news for you today, and she’s on MSN Messenger yelling at you to pick up your goddamn Nokia 3210 right now.



    We know! How utterly, utterly incredible this would be. Turns out there’ve been talks between the two bands for the last 18 months, and AJ McClean off Backstreet Boys is especially keen to do it.


    Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “The Spice Girls tour has been this idea bouncing around for the past year and a half, and it’s something we’re still talking about.”

    The only tiny thing – and this might actually put a bit of a spanner in the works, now we think about it – is that the tour would only take place in the States. ☹☹☹☹☹

    “America had a different relationship with the Spice Girls,” a source told the tabloid.

    “They were big but their success didn’t last quite as long, so teaming with another act is a way of booking bigger venues.”

    BUT don’t cry just yet – all five Spices may well tour the UK before they, minus Victoria Beckham, jet over to the US to team up with the lads.

    As yet, there’s been no official confirmation from either of the groups, but let’s cross everything we’ve got and pray to the gods of the late-90s that this happens.

    90s fashion you wore but probably shouldn't have


    90s fashion you wore but probably shouldn't have

    Bindis1 of 20


    Extra points for teaming with multiple buns

    Anything with a Yin and Yang2 of 20

    Anything with a Yin and Yang

    Extra points for wearing with Jamaican flag-inspired beads

    Baja hoodies3 of 20

    Baja hoodies

    Extra points for wearing while lighting incense sticks

    Tattoo chokers4 of 20

    Tattoo chokers

    Extra points if you had glow in the dark versions

    Bandanas5 of 20


    Extra points for wearing as a boob tube

    Zig zag hair bands6 of 20

    Zig zag hair bands

    Extra points if you're David Beckham

    Black PVC macs7 of 20

    Black PVC macs

    Extra points if you were light as a feather, stiff as a board

    Shag bands8 of 20

    Shag bands

    Extra points if your parents didn't confiscate the black ones

    Buckets hats9 of 20

    Buckets hats

    Extra points if you're named after a type of tree

    Scrunchies10 of 20


    Extra points for wearing during a modern dance competition

    Butterfly clips11 of 20

    Butterfly clips

    Extra points if your scalp didn't bleed while removing these guys

    The 'Rachel' haircut12 of 20

    The 'Rachel' haircut

    Extra points if you lived in a lilac apartment in New York

    Cat eye sunglasses13 of 20

    Cat eye sunglasses

    Extra points if these had absolute no chance of protecting your corneas from the sun

    Mood rings14 of 20

    Mood rings

    Extra points for it constantly being a murky brown colour

    Curtains15 of 20


    Extra points if they were greasy

    Flowery hats16 of 20

    Flowery hats

    Extra points if teamed with a suede waistcoat and/or double denim

    Buffalo boots17 of 20

    Buffalo boots

    Extra points if you didn't end up in A&E while wearing these

    Flannel shirts18 of 20

    Flannel shirts

    Extra points if teamed with shell chokers and/or Converse

    Long denim skirts19 of 20

    Long denim skirts

    Extra points if they dragged in puddles

    Dungarees20 of 20


    Extra points if you were not a painter and decorator

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