Spice Girls brunch exists and we, um, Wannabe there

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Spice Girls

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Here at heatworld there are very few things we love more than a) breakfast food items, b) copious amounts of Prosecco and c) the music of the Spice Girls. Like, imagine if someone invented something that combined all three of these things in some kind of inexplicable '90s bliss.

Well they've only gone and bloody done it, haven't they? Yup, a SPICE GIRLS BRUNCH exists and we're not even sure what we've done to deserve such genius.

The 90s Brunch - a company specialising in nostalgic boozy daytime bashes - is holding a Spice Girls-themed event on Saturday 16th September and obviously we Wannabe there.


Spice Girls

As well as bottomless mimosas (which is enough of a selling point in itself tbh) guests can expect a live lipsync battle, 'bomb' buffet grub along the lines of fish finger butties and chicken drumsticks and some sweet treats.

Think your school disco circa 1997, with a 2017 twist. Basically, you're switching the Panda Pops for Prosecco and living your very best life.

You can reserve your ticket over here then celebrate with arguably (read: definitely) their best single, Viva Forever.

Or Say You'll Be There. That was brilliant, too.



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