Spice Girls for Glasto?! Mel B hints at festival slot ahead of secret meeting with Victoria Beckham

Are ALL the Spice Girls reuniting?!

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Pop sensation Mel B has spilled the beans on some exciting Spice Girls news.

Scary Spice has revealed that ALL of the band are meeting up to discuss the future and she may have let slip about a possible slot at Glastonbury next year.

Mel B, 44, made the shocking statement to a group of fans during her Brutally Honest tour on Sunday. She was speaking candidly at London's Savoy Theatre about her autobiography and the highs-and-lows of her very public 'celebrity life'.

Spice Girls Tour

According to Mel B, Victoria (who sadly didn't perform in the Spice Girls iconic reunion tour this year) has mentioned the idea of the girl group performing at Glastonbury Festival next summer.

After revealing plans for all Spice Girls to meet and have a secret chat, Mel divulged: "I think if you are just going to do Glastonbury then let’s just go on tour and do the rest of Europe."

The fiery Spice Girl seemed so convinced that all members of the famous pop group will take to a Glastonbury stage as according to OK! Magazine, she even promised a fan that she will refund them the price of their festival ticket if they aren't on the bill.

Spice Girls

Mel also announced that Victoria is confirmed to take part in another one of their Spice Girls projects. A new animated film will feature 'all five of us' (according to Mel).

She said: "My plan is for all five of us to do Glastonbury next year for the 50th anniversary. I’m in the process of persuading Victoria to do it. And I will make it happen."

Speaking on The Lateish Show recently, Mel revealed that Victoria was the one who had shown interest in Glastonbury.

She said: "She did actually mention to my mum that she’d love to do Glastonbury for their 50th next year. It’s not just me saying it, she actually did say that to my mum!"

Although, let's not get too excited as Mel B also laughed off the idea of any new music. She said: "Give me a chance!"

CHECK OUT the Spice Girls in numbers:


Spice Girls in numbers – slider

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12 - The amount of children that the Spice Girls have between them

Victoria has four with her husband David Beckham - sons Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and daughter Harper. Emma has two sons with her partner Jade Jones - Tate and Beau and Geri has daughter Bluebell with ex-partner Sacha Gervasi and son Montague with husband Christian Horner.Mel C has a daughter Scarlett with her ex, Thomas Starr, whilst Mel B has three daughters - Phoenix, with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, Angel with US actor Eddie Murphy and Madison with her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte.

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5 - The number of BRIT Awards the Spice Girls won

During the six years before their hiatus in 2000, the Spice Girls were nominated for a whopping nine BRIT Awards - and won five of them.In 1997, they were nominated for Best British Group, Best British Breakthrough Act, Best British Video for both 'Wannabe' and 'Say You'll Be There', and Best British Single for 'Wannabe'. They won Best British Single for 'Wannabe' and Video for 'Say You'll Be There'.In 1998, they were up for Best British Video for 'Spice Up Your Life', and won the Best Selling British Album Act. In 2000, the group won the Outstanding Contribution To Music and gave their final performance before they chose to split, and in 2010 won Brits Performance of the Last 30 Years.

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3 - The number of Christmas Number 1s the Spice Girls have had

The Spice Girls had three Christmas Number 1 singles - and they were all consecutive, too. They wont the top spot for '2 Become 1' in 1996, 'Too Much' in 1997 and 'Goodbye' in 1998.

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13 million - how many copies second album 'Spiceworld' sold

The Spice Girls' follow-up album 'Spiceworld' was, of course, HUGELY popular around the world - so much so that it sold a whopping 13 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the world's bestselling albums by a girl group.

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9 - The amount of Number 1 singles the Spice Girls had

Spending 22 weeks collectively at the top spot in the UK, the Spice Girls had Number 1s with:'Wannabe', 1996'Say You'll Be There', 1996'2 Become 1', 1996'Mama' / 'Who Do You Think You Are', 1997'Spice Up Your Life', 1997'Too Much', 1997'Viva Forever', 1998'Goodbye', 1998'Holler' / 'Let Love Lead The Way', 2000

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11 - The number of singles the Spice Girls have released

As well as the above, they also released 'Stop' in 1998 which peaked at Number 2, and they reunited in 2007 to bring out 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)', which peaked at Number 11.

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17 - The number of countries that debut album 'Spice' was Number 1 in

Featuring hits like 'Wannabe', '2 Become 1' and 'Who Do You Think You Are', it's no surprise that the Spice Girls' debut album 'Spice' reached the top spot in 17 countries.

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2 - How many Number 1 album the Spice Girls have had

Of their three albums released, the Spice Girls won the top spot for their debut, 'Spice', in 1996 and for their second album 'Spiceworld' in 1997. Their third album 'Forever' was released in 2000 and peaked at Number 2, as did their Greatest Hits in 2007.

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