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Eliot Kennedy, who worked on their second album Spice World, is impressed with what the three Spice Girls who met this week - Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner - have come up with in their studio session this week.

He tweeted: "Now that was a day for the history books. Like 20 years had never happened. Proper friendship. Hit song!"

Speaking on Lorraine on Wednesday morning, ex-X Factor judge Mel B revealed: "I have such fun memories of all that stuff.

After Mel B admitted she DID meet up with the other Spice Girls on Tuesday 10 May for a catch up, the band's former music producer has spoken out.

"It's funny cause I landed yesterday and I met up with a few of my 'Spicies' and we were doing a big time reminisce. It's nice that we're all still friends and we’re supportive of each other 20 years on."

spice girls reunion mel b


Mel also added fuel to speculation there's going to be a giant celebration to celebrate the Spice Girls' 20-year anniversary, saying: "We definitely want to do something because it's a celebration of us still doing our thing 20 years on and us being a part of each other, so we’ll see what happens.

"We’re all just kind of in talks right now – I had a nice cup of tea with Geri [Halliwell] and Emma [Bunton] last night, which was lovely."

spice girls reunion victoria beckham

However, it's thought Victoria Beckham didn't go to the mini-reunion yesterday, with her representative saying she was busy with her own projects – namely "launching her forthcoming Estée Lauder collection" at her flagship store.

We'll keep an eye on this…

You know those times when you look around yourself and just think, 'yes. Yes. This is how the world should be. Everything is right'? Well we're having one of those moments RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Why? Oh, only because the actual Spice Girls might be making new music together as you cast your eyes over these very words.


Insiders tell Closer Posh has offered to reunite with the Spice Girls for a few of the London dates
Insiders tell Closer Posh has offered to reunite with the Spice Girls for a few of the London dates

According to an eagle-eyed witness on Twitter, the most famous girlband in the world (soz All Saints) are currently locked inside a studio – so obviously we're convinced they've reunited to create brand new tunes for us.

The Tweeter gave no further details other than to say the group were in the studio next door to her, but have no fear: heat's on the case.

In addition, Spice Girls producer Eliot Kennedy tweeted a pretty cryptic message on Tuesday evening that referenced "20 years" – could he have been talking about the 20th anniversary of Wannabe later this year?

Then, as if to pour a giant bucket of cold water all over our hopes and dreams, he added this:


Victoria Beckham Spice Girls

It comes after Victoria Beckham admitted last week that her microphone was often turned off during Spice Girls gigs – but could that have been a massive lie to turn our attention away from a possible reunion?

None of the original line-up have commented on social media about them recording new music, but Geri Halliwell did tweet earlier today to remind everyone that it's been 17 years since her solo single Look At Me came out.

Hmm. Think she's having a nostalgic moment?

Of course, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls first getting together, and Mel B has been talking about planning a huge celebration to mark it.

A brand new studio album plus world tour would be EXACTLY what Britain, nay, the whole human race, needs in order to keep its pecker up, tbh.


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