Stacey Solomon’s budget Christmas hacks

She’ll battle the Cost-Of-Living Crisis with thrift

stacey solomon christmas budget

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As the undisputed queen of DIY, it’s no wonder Stacey Solomon is already knee-deep in Christmas craft planning. After digging out her old tree and adding some pampas grass from the garden, she told fans, “I really want to forage Christmas this year.”

Yes, despite living in a £1.2m Essex mansion, it seems it’s going to be a frugal year chez Swash.

“I want to try and make all of my decorations out of things I already have and things I can find in the garden,” Stacey said on social media.

“I love making stuff so much and I’ve collected so much over the years, it seems a waste to buy anything new, but it is nice to change a little each year. Also, I know so many people find Christmas so expensive anyway, so I thought I’d try to find as many ways to decorate for next to nothing as possible and maybe we can share ideas… It will be a nice, less-pressure way to decorate this year.”

stacey solomon
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As heat has previously told you, Stacey is keen to be as relatable as possible with her 5.4m fans – even if she is worth a cool £6.5m. “She really wants to be liked by her followers and she knows that it’s an incredibly hard time for everyone right now,” an insider previously told us.

“The last thing she wants to do is to flaunt her wealth and privilege, and start to alienate everyone who is struggling to make ends meet.”

The mum of four, famous for her seasonal doors, must have a garage stuffed to the brim with festive decorations after telling fans she keeps most of what she uses to decorate in order to reuse items.

She even revealed they attempted replanting their Christmas trees. And further pushing her cause of a thrifty Christmas, Stacey and her sister Jemma will be fronting a TV show all about – you guessed it – Christmas crafts. According to the BBC, Stacey will be, “Showing us how to have the most magical Christmas ever without breaking the bank, sharing tips on how to make hand-made gifts and decorations that cost next to nothing.”

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