Stacey Solomon opens up on marriage woes

Pals worry that their new podcast will push them over the edge

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When it comes to sharing details of her marriage, pregnancies and mental health, Stacey Solomon doesn’t hold back. Following the success of her motherhood podcast, Here We Go Again, four years ago, an insider tells heat she’s looking to host an “honest” couples podcast with husband Joe Swash, in the same vein as Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s Therapy Crouch. But friends fear that it could put pressure on the married pair.

“Stacey is keen to do more projects from home and spend time with Joe, so she’s considering teaming up with him to do a relationship podcast similar to Abbey and Pete’s, but not as racy,” a source tells heat.

“She wants it to be more relatable with tips for other couples on how to juggle your family and romantic life. But some people are worried it’ll put too much pressure on them and open them up to scrutiny. Stacey often has a lot of big ideas without thinking about what could go wrong – and even Joe is feeling a bit sceptical about how a joint podcast where they talk freely about their relationship could pan out.”

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In the past, Stacey has been open about their relationship. “If I’m completely honest, Joe often comes last in my life – and I’m not apologetic about that,” she has said. And she recently playfully called him “disgusting” when it came to his laundry habits.

We’re told Stacey’s pals are worried that a tell-all podcast would put too much pressure on the couple ahead of their second wedding anniversary, which comes after Stacey revealed her plans to quit TV to become a WFH mum and spend more time with their kids.

“A podcast could be another time-consuming project for Stacey, and people are wondering whether she really needs to have more to her plate right now,” we’re told. “Things are so good with Joe at the moment, they’re worried something like this could upset the balance. Joe is so easy-going and always supports Stacey whatever she does – but revealing intimate details about their marriage could be asking too much of him.”

The source continues, “Some of her friends have suggested they should try to hold something back just for themselves, as Stacey already shares so much of her personal life with her fans. Usually, Joe will let Stacey do whatever she wants and go along with it, but some of those close to her are concerned that people might see it as her being the one who calls all the shots in their relationship. They worry that some people might take a negative view of that and publicly criticise them – and Stacey hates it when she gets called out or threatened with being cancelled.”

But, we’re told, Stacey is determined to go through with the pod.

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“She’s really gunning for them to give it a go. She loves Joe’s cheeky persona and thinks that fans will get a kick out of hearing them really get stuck into relatable topics,” the source tells heat. “She doesn’t want it to be X-rated or something they would be embarrassed by – although she definitely wouldn’t want the kids listening.”

The source adds, “She’s not afraid of a challenge or trying something new – it’s the entrepreneurial spirit in her , and she feels as though she’s set her mind to this now and needs to follow it through.”

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