EXCLUSIVE Stacey Solomon: ‘I send voice notes to people I don’t even know’

The TV star admits she forgets her followers aren’t her pals

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She’s known for her endearingly ditzy persona, and now Stacey Solomon has revealed she often sends her fans voice notes by mistake. The star, who has nearly six million followers on Instagram, was chatting about her hugely successful career when she make the admission.

“I genuinely think of it as a group WhatsApp,” she said. “That sounds really weird, but I message people back. Sometimes I even voice note people, forgetting I don’t know them from Adam, and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you just voice noted me’.”

stacey solomon
stacey solomon and joe swash tied the knot in 2022 ©Getty Images: Dave Benett/Getty Images

She added, “I forget that it’s a community of people and they’re all just watching me casually. I genuinely feel like they’re just a group of mates. I mean, I’ve got a couple of mates, real-life ones, but this feels like a big family to me, and I love being on there.”

The presenter – who is married to actor Joe Swash, and mum to Zachary, 16, Leighton, 12, Rex, five, Rose, three, and Belle, one – also confessed that she often uses social media as a means of escape from her hectic life. Stacey, 34, explained, “I love my family… but sometimes you just need to escape and speak to someone else outside of the household. I take pride in tidying my kitchen and being like, ‘Look, I just tidied my kitchen’, and people being like, ‘It looks great!’ No one says that at home.

“No one says, ‘Good job, well done!’ That probably sounds really narcissistically self-centred, but it’s a great bit of self-validation around the very little things in life.”

Stacey was talking at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London, where she also reflected on her career, including The X Factor in 2009, which propelled her to fame, as well as her status as the UK’s most popular influencer.

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“One minute, I was on the X Factor, then I was in the jungle, then I was doing my own Instagram,” she said.

“I’ve learned if something’s not working, don’t be afraid to move onto something else. Keep evolving and keep going with it. Don’t stay stuck with something that isn’t going where you want it to go.”

Sound advice!

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