Stephanie Davis shares ridiculously cute pic of Caben-Albi on his first holiday

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Stephanie Davis and Caben-Albi

by Ruby Norris |
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We've written approx. 529520952 stories about photos Stephanie Davis' has shared of baby Caben-Albi since he was born in January, but we're sorry, he's just so bloody cute.

Steph's recent posts of her son enjoying his first holiday are no exception.

Taking to Twitter Stephanie announced that she was taking Caben on a little mini-break, following on from all the Jeremy McConnell drama (more on that later...). She wrote: "Time for a well deserved break, few days away with my little man."

She then told her fans she was taking Caben for his first swim (adorbs): "Mummy and babba swim time now. Cabens first time in the pool. Excitied anddd relax!"

Steph Davis

Then she followed it up with this ridiculously cute photo.

Steph Davis

GAHSJHhdejfjcwiofncpw. So sweet.

Steph also recently shared a heartfelt Instagram hinting she's still thinking of her on/off bae and father of her son, Jeremy McConnell. He's currently doing a stint in rehab, battling his drug and alcohol demons in Ireland.

As well as posting these emotional quotes, Steph has also been sharing videos of Jeremy changing his first nappy and having to throw up. It's quite a bizarre watch, and we hope he's stopped vomming now because, well, there's going to be a lot more where that came from.


Stephanie Davis just posted one of her SONGS on Twitter

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