Stephanie Davis goes on blind date with mystery man after Jeremy McConnell split

Stephanie Davis

by Owen Tonks |

She split up and got back together with ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell more times than we care to count.

But Stephanie Davis is determined to move on from her former Celebrity Big Brother beau.

The actress went out on a blind date with a mystery man this weekend but admitted she was “not keen”.

Stephanie Davis

The former Hollyoaks star shared a video on Snapchat last night and wrote: “Out out. Blind date so not keen but f*ck it ha.”

Her fans were quick to screen grab the moment and many offered their thoughts on Stephanie’s date.

One tweeted: “She’s just a girl hurting and probably wanting to hurt Jez, she prob not going on a date.”

Another wrote: “She is clearly hurting & she’s out having fun doesn’t make her a bad person.”

Just hours before heading out Stephanie told fans she was watching back her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Stephanie Davis

Sharing a clip on her Instagram page, she wrote: “Was so simple in there...”

But her followers struggled to sympathise with her, telling her she would soon be back on track.

One commented: “Never mind... You won’t be so heart broken when you keep checking your bank balance with all the money you have made from the ‘DRAMA’.”

Another wrote: “Get over it! We’ve all been there and been with a player @stephaniedavis88 it’s really nothing new!! Be strong! Love yourself!!!! Grow up!”



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