Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell get ‘ENGAGED’!


Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell

by Owen Tonks |

When we stumbled across the latest news from the strange, strange world of Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell we actually felt a little bit terrified.

Stephanie announced she’d got ENGAGED to Irish hunk Jez this morning.

“O M actual G,” we cried. “Is that really a good idea?”

It seems the former Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been on and off more times than it’s possible for any human being on this planet to count.

Jeremy has been accused of cheating on Steph a whopping FIVE times and they’ve only been properly dating for a couple of months – not exactly an ideal basis for a long, happy marriage.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell

Revealing the news on Twitter, Steph wrote: “Omgggggg after all this I’m so happy to say we’re engaged!!!! Never been so happy ahhhh!!!”

“How is this a thing?” we squealed.

A few minutes later Steph followed up with a picture of the ring and it suddenly became clear: She was totally having us on.

The actress, who has now deleted the posts, captioned the snap: “April fools.”

Oh Steph, you big meanie!


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