Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell really are OVER this time. Or are they?

jeremy mcconnell and stephanie davis

by Sophie Bronstein |
Published on

We'll just never get tired of these two.

Yep - you guessed it. Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell put an end to their turbulent relationship for the THIRD time yesterday... and Stephanie seems even more disgusted in Jeremy's behaviour than every before.

Why? Stephanie now claims that Jezza "swore on his late mother's grave" when he was denying all of his cheating accusations.

And she's not kept it a secret, either. She posted a tweet to show exactly what she thinks of her now ex-boyf and just how disgusted she was with his behaviour: "In reply to Jeremy being sad and sickens [sic] I brought his mum into it I'm sickened he swore on his mum's grave while sleeping with other people". Eeek, Jez.

Jeremy tragically lost his mother, sister and brother all within 15 months as a teenager - but Stephanie wasn't holding back. She continued: "He swore it wasn't true and I believed it. All lies. And who ever says it's karma for me you HAVNT (sic) walked in my shoes or know what I've seen". And that wasn't all.

In another tweet, she ranted "I have money I'll pay you off * yeah...' - supposedly quoting Jeremy who reportedly offered to pay off his ex-flings to keep quiet and not reveal any details.

She ended her Twitter rant with "New chapter for me to the last one never existed as far as I'm concerned".

Could this mean true love has come to an end for Jez and Steph? PLEASE, NOOOOOOOOO!

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