Fans fear Hollyoaks’ Steph Davis and Owen Warner have SPLIT after Instagram unfollowing

The couple had previously teased a potential engagement

Owen Warner and Stephanie Davis

by Laura Thornton |
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Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis, who plays Sinead O'Connor, and her co-star Owen Warner, who plays Romeo Quinn in the Channel 4 soap, have left fans fearing they've split after no longer following each other on Instagram.

The Mirror Online reported that a source had told them it was in fact Owen who blocked Steph on Instagram, due to the relationship 'moving too fast'.

The split speculation is a far cry from Steph and Owen's engagement rumours that were swirling mid-August, when Owen posted a loved up photo of the pair with the caption, 'Can’t believe I found my wife ❤️'.

Although there's been no official confirmation of a split, it seems that something must have sparked the social media unfollowing (or blocking if reports are true). However, fans of the pair shouldn't lose hope yet as a rep for Stephanie Davis told The Sun it's "not true" that they've split.

Steph has had a publicly difficult few years, first she was let go from her Hollyoaks role after reportedly showing up late on set, then she went through a very difficult relationship with Jeremy McConnell, who she met on Celebrity Big Brother. After the birth of their son, Caben Albi, who Jeremy initially denied he was the father of, the pair tried to make it work, but Steph left Jeremy for good after his behaviour became abusive.

However things seemed to be on the up for the soap star after a well-received return to Hollyoaks and a new found romance with co-star Owen, who Steph revealed calls Caben "Daddy".

After making such a cute couple, hopefully things will be fine with these two!

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Hollyoaks spoilers: Liberty Savage backs out of the surrogacy

hollyoaks spoilers liberty1 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers liberty

The week gets off to a great start for Sienna as it's Liberty's insemination day. However when Liberty starts to worry about the huge decision she's about to make, she decides to back out of being their surrogate.

hollyoaks spoilers liberty  damon sienna2 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers liberty damon sienna

Later on she opens up to Cindy Cunningham and reveals the real reason she's no longer carrying their child is because she's not brave enough.

hollyoaks spoilers sylver mcqueen3 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers sylver mcqueen

Sylver McQueen struggles to sell his carpentry creation and when Liberty overhears it gives her an idea – why don't they set up a business together at The Emporium.

hollyoaks spoilers sylver mcqueen4 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers sylver mcqueen

He's clearly not a fan especially because Liberty wants to upcycle his beautiful wood work. He then as a change of heart when he realises how much their joint business would mean to her. But will he regret his decision?

hollyoks spoilers luke morgan5 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoks spoilers luke morgan

Elsewhere in the village Luke tells Ollie all about his big plans now that he's back home. However Darren is left wondering how long he plans on staying around.

hollyoaks mandy luke darren6 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks mandy luke darren

Even though Darren is uneasy about Luke's return, Mandy makes it clear that he can stay around for as long as he wants.

hollyoaks mandy luke7 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks mandy luke

Later, Luke makes a candlelit meal for Mandy – but will he manage to successfully woo her? While this is all going on Cindy urges Ollie to tell everyone the truth that Luke is baby DJ's biological dad.

hollyoaks mandy cindy8 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks mandy cindy

Cindy accidentally reveals to Darren that Luke made a pass at Mandy at their dinner. Later on she arrives at Mandy's flat and finds Luke heartbroken and alone.

hollyoaks luke9 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks luke

Ollie tries to clear the air and asks the Osborne and Morgan families to have a family meal but he's disappointed when Brooke doesn't show up.

hollyoaks spoilers darren10 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers darren

Darren has had enough of Luke being around and says one of them need to leave. Luke offers to go but is surprised when Brody says he can stay on the boat for free.

hollyoaks brooke11 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks brooke

Meanwhile Brooke is suffering from morning sickness and almost confides in Sally St. Claire however they are interrupted by Nancy Osborne.

hollyoaks spoilers brooke12 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers brooke

Brooke decides to continue to keep her pregnancy a secret – but how long will she manage to keep it from her friends, family and more important Ollie?

hollyoaks spoilers cleo13 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers cleo

Over to the Deveraux family and Mitchell tries to help Cleo McQueen prepare for university but she ends up snapping at him when she struggles to answer some of his questions.

hollyoaks spoilers anita14 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers anita

Goldie McQueen decides to step in and ask Anita Tinkle for some advice. When Anita arrives dressed up as a nurse she tries to help Cleo with her confidence but it leaves Mitchell flustered.

hollyoaks spoilers peri15 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers peri

Peri Lomax and Cleo begin to bond on their first day at university but Cleo is forced to let Goldie tag along because she wants to join in with the Fresher's activities.

hollyoaks spoilers peri16 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers peri

Peri tries to encourage Cleo to join in and embrace student life but things get too much for her at The Hutch when they take part in a food forfeit quiz and she has to pour baked beans all over her head.Luckily Peri steps in and saves the day by doing it herself, meanwhile Cleo runs out of The Hutch…

hollyoaks spoilers anita17 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers anita

Mitchell and Scott Drinkwell spend time together and Mitchell learns a lot about Cleo's past. He decides to invite Cleo over to his family home for Lisa Loveday's welcome home lunch.

hollyoaks spoilers lisa18 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers lisa

Following her return to the village, Lisa feels like everyone has forgotten about her dad and decides to throw a party instead of attending the family meal.

hollyoaks spoilers martine19 of 19
CREDIT: Lime Pictures

hollyoaks spoilers martine

Martine Deveraux encourages Scott to dress up as Anita but it's clear that Walter Deveraux is not impressed. When Walter spots Scott touching Mitchell's arm he throws him out of their house. Martin and Cleo are disgusted by Walter and Mitchell's behaviour.

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